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By · Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

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Makayla Ellington – Easter, Hawaii.
After lots of studying I followed the steps and slowly I got him back into my life again.

Naomi Esposito – Manchester, England.
My fiance took me back, and now we’re better than ever.
The advice is very helpful, and I can’t believe it worked so well!

Matt Huston – Author, Get Him Back Forever.
We aren’t back together yet, but I see it in our future – I hope.

I followed the instructions to a tee, and fortunately, I’m a success story!

This is a very important read if you feel like your relationship is salvageable, and you know that if you had another chance, things would work out right.

Almost immediately, he asked me out for drinks and we had a great time.

Matthew, I don’t know if you actually read these comments but I hope so.

Very informative and entertaining video!

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Amelia Pollak – Progress, Wisconsin.
I am now back with my man but taking it very slowly and applying your very good advice.

He’s now reverting back to that wonderful guy he was when we first got together.
I must say that I was skeptical, with all the scams and junk out there on the web but I printed it out, sat down and read it completely through without stopping.
He became a little amorous and I explained to him that I value his friendship but I can’t sleep with him again because I just don’t do that with friends.

matt huston – Author, Get Him Back Forever.

I just wanted to thank Matt Huston for writing this.
My boyfirend and I are back together and I just spent a week long vacation with him at his father’s house.
sometimes people just need a solid system that lays out what to do step by step so you’re not constantly DOUBTING what you’re doing.

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